Study in FranceStudy Abroad in Nice, France

Study Abroad in Nice, France

Planning to study abroad in Nice, France must be exciting, and that is for a plethora of reasons. Nice, as the capital of the Alpes-Maritimes department on the French Riviera, has mystique beaches and well, a lot of recreational places that make it an unmatched city. One of Europe’s most unique and magnificent towns sits behind all of the beaches. French higher education institutions are known globally and Nice is also a place that hosts some of the best ones. 

You will definitely think of Paris when you hear about France, but in terms of studying abroad, if you want a more laid-back experience, Nice is the way to go. Even if French isn鈥檛 a field of your knowledge, there is no need to worry because there are numerous opportunities to study in France in English. Since the establishment of facilities like Acropolis and Sophia Antipolis, Nice has been a center for research in industry, science, and sophisticated technology.

Reasons to Study Abroad in Nice

Culture and History 

Did you know that the name of the city derives from the Greek goddess Nike and is related to the victory of Nice when it was a Greek colony over a neighboring colony. So, now we know that we have to do with a Greek city and that we can spot various relics. Nikaia, as it was named, was one of the busiest trading ports on the Ligurian coasts. When we analyze its present form, we see why it has become the most beautiful tourist spot in France. History lovers will surely love to wander around sites that date from every period. A route up to Castle Hill, which offers the greatest views of the city and its shoreline, will delight you deeply. You may visit a variety of museums, which house many intriguing artifacts, as well as other cultural centers that depict various eras of human existence.

Splendid Architecture

With the colorful exaggerations of the Belle Epoque style or the Baroque-inspired palaces and mansions on the hills of Mont Boron, Nice’s architecture is more than breathtaking. When you visit the flower gardens and parks of the Chateau’s hills, the Chambrun park, and the Espace Massena, you will see that fantastic works have been achieved. The city of Nice is a prime example of art deco architecture. Indeed, if you take the time to walk about and look up at the buildings, you’ll see a significant concentration of this type. The main appeal of art deco architecture in Nice is that most buildings, such as those in the Musiciens sector, refuse to have straight angles, hence corners are frequently rounded. The Palais Mascotte, built in the 1930s and featuring a little round tower with columns at the top of the building’s corner, is a short distance away on the Promenade des Anglais.

Education System 

The image of France as one of Europe’s premier academic institutions has been enhanced by its high educational standards. Before deciding on a particular institution, it is necessary to become familiar with the characteristics of studying in Nice. One of these characteristics, for example, is a rigorous academic performance system and a concentration on remembering a great quantity of knowledge. In Nice, you may enroll in accredited programs and get a top undergraduate or graduate degree. The university is likely to have a more complete Bachelor’s degree program, whilst the grandes-Ecoles are more focused on Master’s degrees, graduate diplomas, and certificates.

Career Opportunities

There are multiple corporate and technological parks in the city, as well as numerous retail malls. Investors from France and outside will discover a welcoming business atmosphere willing to support locals. Nice’s GDP is somewhat lower than the national average, with tourism accounting for a large portion of its revenue, second only to Paris in France. Nice is also home to France’s third busiest business airport. In the city, you will encounter some of the main industries where you may even find employment. 

Such industries include film production, tourism, medical research, cosmetology, biotechnology, transportation, electronics, among many others that tend to grow by the day. Auchan, IBM, NVIDIA, HP, CISCO, McDonald’s, Schneider Electric, Decathlon, and Air France are among the firms holding offices in Nice. Higher education institutions in Nice provide internship opportunities that any international student can take advantage of.

Study Abroad Programs in Nice

IES Abroad Nice 鈥 Business, Sustainability & Immigration

Nice, located on the renowned French Riviera on the Mediterranean Sea’s edge, persuades visitors with its pleasant temperature and bright skies. Nice will mesmerize you, whether you’re strolling along the famed palm-lined Promenade des Anglais to watch the sunset over the sea or gazing down from the Colline du Chateau (Castle Hill) at the sweeping vista of this gorgeous city. The IES Abroad Center will provide you with language and local studies courses, as well as IPAG Business School courses. The IPAG Business School is located in the heart of Nice’s business district and provides a variety of English-taught courses.

Seamester: The Caribbean to the Mediterranean

This program has no bounds; participating in it will take you on a journey of over 6,500 miles that combines the finest of land and sea. The strongest attribute of this program is the amazing opportunity to visit destinations such as the British Virgin Islands, Azores, Gibraltar, Mallorca (Spain), and France. The Seamester will take you on a tour of Bonifacio, an old fortress town on the sea with over 1,700 hills and water so clean that vision is great even at 50 feet below. Not only is this trip a great topic for any job interview, but it’s also likely to help you long after you’ve left the ship.

EF Language Year Abroad in France

Studying in France is the most effective approach to becoming immersed in French culture and lifestyle while simultaneously enhancing your French language abilities. In Nice, discover the allure of Paris and the French Riviera. EF will make your dream of studying in France come true, no matter which city you pick for your study abroad program in France. You may begin your road to fluency whenever it is most convenient for you, with start dates in September, January, April, or June and programs lasting 6, 9, or 11 months.

CCIS Study Abroad in France

Through this program, all international students will experience the joy of wandering around France, as IPAG Business Nice is just one of the study options. Additionally, the CCIS Study Abroad in France offers studies in IAU Aix-en-Provence, IAU Aix-en-Provence Art, IFALPES, Annecy, IPAG Business Paris, and IAU, French Language and Culture. All of the programs are aimed at broadening the academic community’s international and intercultural perspectives. For one month or the entire summer, travel to the French Riviera, vibrant cities, and the countryside while studying at innovative institutions.

Nice Direct Enrollment – SKEMA Business School

Traveling along the French Riviera’s picturesque coastline is one of life’s great joys, with Nice ideally placed between Cannes and Monaco. By enrolling directly at SKEMA (School of Knowledge Economy and Management) Business School, you will have the opportunity to live and learn with students from all around the world. SKEMA is routinely regarded as one of the finest European business schools by the Financial Times annual rating, with AACSB and EQUIS certification. Internationalization, sustainable performance, and entrepreneurship and innovation are three knowledge economy topics that SKEMA follows as a worldwide business and research school.

Universities in Nice

Here are some renowned universities you can find in Nice:

  • University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis
  • Universit茅 C么te d’Azur
  • European Institute – Institut europ茅en
  • EDJ – L鈥橢cole Du Journalisme de Nice

How Much Does It Cost to Study Abroad in Nice?

Counting all the expenses you will have while living abroad as a student, the cost will be somewhere around 鈧900 per month. The cost of living includes many aspects, including rent, utilities, groceries, food/drink, and internet, among others. If we compare it with Paris, there isn鈥檛 much of a difference between the cost of living. The average cost of living in Paris is somewhere between 鈧1,200 and 鈧1,800, whereas in Nice it will be around 鈧900-1,400 per month. In terms of tuition fees, you can expect to pay a price starting from 鈧1,500 to 鈧12,000, depending on the program of your choice. 

Tuition Fees

The cost of education in the southern part of France is not that moderate, likewise, even in Nice, you will face tuition fees that are annexed with differentiated pay. For national degrees, tuition prices at French public higher education institutions are set by ministerial decree. They can account for a sizable portion of a student’s entire budget. However, there are many methods to save money and budget, as an international student.

Tuition Fees in Nice
Universit茅 C么te d’Azur鈧1,500 – 鈧12,000
EDJ – L鈥橢cole Du Journalisme de Nice鈧7,500

Living Expenses

Nice is just 鈥渘ice鈥 in every way possible. It is a significant commercial and administrative center in the Provence鈥揂lpes鈥揅么te d’Azur region, with an impact that extends far beyond the Alpes-Maritimes d茅partement’s borders. Surely, living in a place like this comes with a cost. Nice, in general, offers a qualitative life with incredible experiences that attract many beach lovers. 

Here鈥檚 the average cost of living in Nice, France:

The Cost of Living in Nice
Meal in an Inexpensive Restaurant鈧17
Groceries and Personal Hygiene鈧350
Mobline Phone Plus Internet鈧40
Public Transport Ticket鈧1,50

A comparison of the cost of living between Nice and Paris:

Living ExpensesNiceParis
Meal in an Inexpensive Restaurant鈧17鈧15
Groceries and Personal Hygiene鈧350鈧350
Mobile Phone Plus Internet鈧40鈧30
Public Transport Ticket鈧1,50鈧1,90


When hunting for accommodation in Nice you will encounter different types of housing. We recommend that you start looking for your accommodation at least two months before your move-in date, depending on the location. As usual, accommodation will drain most of your student budget, but we cannot deny, living comfortably is worth any cost. 

Type of HousingThe Average Cost
Private Room 鈧600
Residence Halls鈧350
Studio/Small Flat鈧700
Hostel 鈧40

Places to Visit in Nice

Nice is simply the right place to find many tourist attractions and great activities to engage in. Since Nice has a pleasant climate, the serene blue waters of the Baie des Anges and the foothills of the Maritime Alps are just some of the natural attractions that will leave you mesmerized.

Here are some of the must-visit attractions in Nice, France:

  • The Promenade des Anglais
  • The Old Town of Nice
  • Nice Castle Hill
  • Cimiez neighborhood
  • Nice Russian Orthodox Cathedral
  • Parc Vigier
  • Mount Boron 
  • Phoenix Park
  • Parc de la Colline du Ch芒teau – Castle Hill Park
  • Mus茅e Matisse
  • Monast猫re Notre-Dame-de-Cimiez
  • Mus茅e d’Art Moderne et d’Art Contemporain
  • Place Garibaldi

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